Meg Orion – Health Coach

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Meg Orion first discovered Eugene Mindworks, located across the street from Fifth Street Public Market, two years ago, when she happened to mention to another Fifth Street-area business owner that she was looking for office space. Before that, Orion heard about Eugene Mindworks from social media. “Another woman I was friends with used this coworking space and posted a picture of this beautiful space,” Orion recalls. The time was right to check it out.

Orion offered massage out of her home office for 15 years, but began to notice that she wanted to be able to provide her clients with more than just massage. “They would come to me with aches and pains and not sleeping and low energy levels, but my scope of practice at that time was just limited to the musculoskeletal work that I could do with them on the massage table,” she says. “But I realized that I had all these other ideas that I thought would help them. I was ready to start helping people on a more holistic level.”

Once she found a space outside of her home, her health coaching business began to grow. It was motivating to have a private space, where she also had the feeling of arrival at work, and leaving work, to keep her own life more balanced. “It’s a fantastic location,” Orion says. “This part of town is where a lot of people in my target market are. And they love the abundance of free parking. The Fifth Street Public Market area is well cared for and beautiful and it’s comfortable to walk around in.”

Orion’s office is on the small side, but she appreciates that along with her space rent comes the use of the co-working room where she can move freely to a standing desk or sitting desk if she wants to. She has access to a kitchen. And while she generally meets with clients in her office, she also has access to meeting rooms in various configurations from large to small, with whiteboards and projectors for presentations. It’s also nice to be in an office with other people, and not isolating as it might be to rent an office elsewhere where there’s little interaction. “I’ve made connections here,” she says.

Her clients walk into a comfortable and attractive waiting area. When Orion’s clients meet her in the Eugene Mindworks coworking space, they are always curious about what kind of place it is. “They come in feeling good, because this is an attractive and comfortable space,” she says. “It gives clients confidence in me.”

“Orion has rented space at Eugene Mindworks for two years now, and while some businesses come and go, she has no plans to leave. “I could rent an office somewhere else but this totally meets my needs and my clients’ needs,” she says. “For the price you’re getting a lot. Because even though my office is small, there’s a lot more that comes with it.”

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