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Our space features three conference rooms. All rooms are carpeted, with close proximity to kitchens, bathrooms, and entrances and exits. The building is accessible by stairs or by elevator. All of our facilities are modern and spacious, with flexible uses.

Large Conference Room

The large conference room is a great place for committee meetings, presentations, group interviews, or trainings. This is the most customizeable room, with a flexible seating arrangement that allows you to change the room’s layout depending on your meeting’s purpose. A kitchen with refrigerator is available to ensure you have everything you need for your meeting.

  • Comfortably seats 50 people
  • Features an online video conferencing system
  • 60-inch LED wall-mounted video monitor
  • Whiteboard on wheels with markers
  • Customizeable seating
  • High-speed internet and WiFi
  • Available for rent to non-members

Medium Conference Room

The medium conference room is a comfortable setting for small-group meetings or presentations. Built around a table that seats 6 to 8, the room also has privacy screens on the door’s glass panes. A kitchen with refrigerator is available to ensure you have everything you need for your meeting. Use this room for a break-out session during a larger event in the large conference room.

  • Large wall-mounted whiteboard with markers
  • Wall-mounted projector screen
  • Video projector and mobile Bluetooth PA available upon request
  • Available to rent to non-members.

Small Conference Room

A cozy room with a small desk, three comfortable chairs and a table in the center. This room is an ideal size for one-on-one interviews, client meetings, or to reserve as a private space for phone calls. Use this as huddle room for your team or to schedule teleconferencing calls in a private space.

  • Three chairs
  • Central table
  • Small side table or desk
  • Private

Dining Room

The Dining Room office is inspired by the cozy feel of working from home but without the clutter and distractions. This room is ideal for people who want to hold small events or meetings, like a book club, or casual lunch meeeting.

  • Dining Table
  • Six Chairs
  • Cozy Couch
  • Unlimited Tea
  • Unique Artwork
  • Available for rent to non-members

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