Daniela Marino – Translator with Go Global Consulting

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Originally from Argentina, Daniela Marino is now managing the stateside translation services of Go Global Consulting, a large company offering translation services.

“We work with all verticals,” Daniela says, “Medical, technology, legal, marketing. Our Argentina headquarters rank as one of the top 10 translation companies in Latin America.”

Daniela was born in Argentina, and has worked for the company for 10 years. She moved to the United States in 2011 and lived in San Luis Obispo, a city in Central Coast California. Daniela studied to be a translator in college, and is fluent in the translation of English to Spanish and vice versa. The company provides translation services in Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French and German as well as English and Spanish.

Living in Central California was a bit tough for Daniela. The years during which she lived in California were marked by severe drought. She laughs just a little when she admits that wanting to be somewhere where there was more water was part of the reason for relocating to Eugene.

“Previously we had a contract with Regus where you can rent offices,” Daniela says. “But here, I needed to find something different. I looked around specifically for coworking spaces and when I found Eugene Mindworks I really liked the location. I like this corner, and the Fifth Street Market area.”

When Daniela first walked in the door of Eugene Mindworks, she asked herself if she would feel comfortable bringing clients here. “I said, ‘Yeah, I would bring clients here,’” she said. “And that helped me make my decision.”

When Daniela held corporate jobs in the past, she always dreamed of being able to work from home. “Now that I did try and work from home, I realize that I need this kind of space,” she says.

Right now, she visits her flex desk in Eugene Mindworks one or two days a week. Daniela appreciates that she can block time out in the meeting rooms to make calls or schedule meetings where she has some privacy.

“We’re scheduling meetups with local businesses who would benefit from translation services,” she says. “I can’t do that if I’m working from home. I need space to meet with business representatives that’s not a coffee shop. Having this space to meet with people where there’s no barking dogs and no laundry will really help me focus.”

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