Quarantine Kit 2020

Your Quarantine 2020 kit comes with some essentials!

2 Individual alcohol wipes. Like gold. Use wisely.

1 Eugene Mindworks awesome pen for all your important notes, or, let’s be honest here,  maybe just to doodle while watching Netflix.

1 Mini composition notebook to keep track of the days

1 Pack of EmergenC to keep your immune system up

1 Piece of chocolate to keep your sanity and to balance out the EmergenC you just drank. We highly recommend you eat the chocolate AFTER the EmergenC or else the EmergenC will not taste very good.

1 Yogi Breathe Deep tea -breathing deeply to keep our lungs in shape and relax <3

1 Day Pass to Eugene Mindworks ($35 value). This pass grants you access to our community spaces where you can grab a desk, pour yourself a cup of locally roasted coffee and see some people IN REAL LIFE – once it’s safe to do so of course. We won’t judge if you show up in your slippers. Just make sure to remember to put pants on.

1 Custom designed Quarantine 2020 zip up canvas pouch